“I experience lots of inflammation,  & energy depletion. I took Tez’s Immune Booster supplements and his Hulk Smash Green Juice for 3 days and it definitely made a difference. For the 3 days while on my liquid fast, I experienced decrease in lower back pain and joint pain. Also, I had more energy throughout the day with no crash. Because I was not eating my body experiences headaches, nausea, and dry mouth. Taking the supplement and Green juice subsided both my headache and nausea. I realized that my dry mouth was caused from 1) smoking to not smoking and 2) dehydration from a lack of nutrients my body needs. His drink and supplements gave me the nutrients I needed and subsided the dry mouth I experienced throughout the day. Also, I have an inspiration to want to continue to improve my health and fitness journey....my mind is more focused . I highly recommend you guys add these to supplements to your daily lives

Chef Tez throws down in the kitchen. Everything is so delicious. From Pizza’s  to cheesecakes. Love it all! 

I love brownies since birth, & this brownies beat the brownie sundae I can still taste from my childhood. Absolutely delicious!!

Fantastic food and even better service. Everything is cooked fresh, with good energy. Highly recommend!